Future of accounting Tailored to your needs 100% Digital


Your accounting completely digital
and tailored to your needs.

Accounting from A to Z

Accounting from A to Z, explained in simple language

Empowering businesses with smarter and easier financial insights, 100% digital

Smarter and easier financial insights

Digital support
Digital support, fast availability and the ability to make a personal visit at the customer's request!
Fixed fee pricing
Fixed package of services, fully digital and no unnecessary or hidden costs. This fully customized to the requirements of your business!
Complete support
Complete tailor-made support for our international clients who want to set up a company in Belgium. This fully guided by our English-speaking accounting specialist!

Meet your new team of accountants! 👋 Our experts are ready to tackle your financials. 🚀

Summed up

These are the core values that we base our services upon.

Combining a digital way of working with a personal approach specifically for expats and cross-border clients.

Data quality
Data makes up everything we do, so we make sure to take care of yours!
Nice to meet you!
Getting to know our clients is the first step towards a great collaboration.
Digital innovation
We don't work digitally just to work digitally. Innovation is key!
Fast availability
Quick and clear communication whenever you experience an issue.
Fixed fee
Pay the same amount every period, either by direct debit or bank transfer.
English, please!
Counterpart focuses on English speaking clients.

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