Pricing for every business.

A package of services tailored to the specific needs of each business! These are our pricing packages for partnerships.

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All your basic needs

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Our most chosen package

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For the most extensive services

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Comparison table

Choose the package that fits your needs:

Our activities
Processing administration
Max. amount of invoices per year

Additional invoices will be billed at €1 / invoice

Quarterly closing and VAT checkup
VAT declaration

Every quarter

Corporate tax declaration

Once per year

Quarterly analysis

An in-depth look at your quarterly results

2 consulting hours per month

Get an answer to all your accounting related questions

Financial planning

Have your financial plan updated each year

Pro-active advice

We continuously analyse your financials in-depth and give solid, data driven advice on where you can improve

Priority queue

Get an answer faster during peak periods

Have a question or want more information? We are here to help!

Extra option for staff
For a small fee of 50 euros/month we also offer a staff option on top of each package!
Our own application (coming soon)
The Counterpart platform ensures that all processes within your company's growth can be accessed and supported.
Digital support
We are accessible everywhere, a physical meeting is not necessary to help you in the best possible way. Additionally, all our data streams are automated and safely stored within the cloud!

What we expect from you

To ensure a smooth collaboration, we stipulated some guidelines.
We ask all of our clients to stick to these conditions as much as possible.

We do our part by being flexible and catering to all your needs.

Planning & timeline
In order to file all documents in time, we need to respect certain deadlines. That's why we ask the same of you!
Correct data
You are responsible for the accuracy of the data you provide. We make sure all documents are processed!
At least one year
We provide our services to clients for at least one year. Clients who choose to pay forward for the year receive a discount.
All digital
Since digital is the way to go, we ask that you deliver all necessary documents to us in a digital format.
Fixed monthly fee
All of our pricing packages are based on a fixed monthly fee. You can either pay by direct debit or manual transfers.
Per active entity
The standard prices shown are exclusive of VAT and per active entity with a minimum purchase of one active entity.